With days growing shorter and the weather turning a bit colder each day, there's no better way to celebrate the season than to fill your home with the warmth of your oven and the aroma of freshly-baked bread. Baking is a time-honored way to show your friends and family that you love them by providing [...]
No one ever expects to be robbed or have a house fire destroy their property, but these tragic events happen every day. Are you prepared for the worst? Most homeowners don't think much about insurance until they find themselves ready to buy a new place to live, and at that point, they're often rushing to [...]
Is that the postman on the corner? You hope so! You’re expecting your monthly subscription box of jeans, shirts, socks and a few other carefully curated items of clothing. There’s no longer any reason to leave your home and fight through crowds of busy shoppers; now, the fashion world can come to you, boxed, personally [...]
We’ve entered a brave new world of home appliances; a high-tech place where refrigerators are connected to the Internet, cutting boards weigh what we chop and coffee makers are synced to smartphones, allowing us to brew that much-needed cup of French Roast from bed while we hit the snooze button. This is what the home [...]
Community spirit isn’t cultivated overnight. In fact, spirit constantly changes. New residents, management, policies and other forms of change can either negatively or positively affect your community. Living in a place with negative energy, or in a place where you don’t know your neighbors well, can also feel isolating. That’s why it’s important to foster [...]
When you love to let your creative juices flow to make your own gifts and decorative items, odds are strong that you've got more than your fair share of art supplies on hand. You might even be nursing a bit of an obsession to your crafting habit, right? Don't worry — this isn't an intervention! [...]
Each year, roughly 3,4000 people are killed in house fires, making fire the third most common cause of accidental deaths at home. However, many house fires are easily preventable as long as you are adequately prepared for the danger. By now you know that having a fire extinguisher on hand in the kitchen and making sure you [...]
It’s time to put away the blender, close up Margaritaville and admit that summer cocktail season has come to an end. Yes, drinking a piña colada or frozen daiquiri after the leaves begin to change is a lot like wearing white after Labor Day. That’s right… fall is in the air, and with a new season [...]