The Last-Minute Guide to DIY Halloween Costumes

Great! The only costumes left in the store are an emaciated Pooh bear and a sexy sailor costume—both of which seem exorbitantly pricey, given that they probably cost about 50 cents each to make.

So what’s a well-intentioned, yet overbooked, person to do? Get creative! No, we don’t mean you need to spend your only free hour brainstorming ideas and designing papier-mâché masks. We’ve done the hard part for you. By creative, we mean you just have to wrangle up some easy-to-find supplies and look like the superstar we know you are!

This look is all about the make-up. Start with white foundation and powder. Use dark grey eyeshadow and a healthy dose of mascara for the eyes, and green eyeshadow for moss-like highlights. Add a striped top and affix a few leaves to your hair, and you’re rocking the undead!

This costume is super-easy and great for adults and children alike. Just find a clear trash bag and cut holes for your arms and legs to fit through. Next, copy the nutritional facts from a real jellybean bag and them on the back of the costume. Finally, blow up a bunch of colorful balloons and fill up the bag. For the finishing touch, tie up the trash bag near your neck with a ribbon.

Got a plaid shirt and a roll of Brawny toilet paper? Then you’ve got a costume. If the rugged facial stubble doesn’t come naturally, just use a little eyeliner or mascara to fake it.

Ok, so there’s a little bit of sewing involved, but it’s the easy kind, we swear! And you can make the whole costume out of an old t-shirt and some fabric scraps. Now that’s what we call wise! Get the whole tutorial on Alpha Mom.

image via Alpha Mom

Holy cuteness! This ingenious needle and thread costume takes a little longer to make, but it’s so cute, you might not mind. Go to C.R.A.F.T. (Creating Really Awesome Fun Things) for the complete tutorial.

image via C.R.A.F.T

Tired moms and working girls alike will swoon over this easy costume version of a childhood favorite. Just buy some poster board, draw on some colorful clothes and cut them out, leaving a few square tabs along the sides. Then tape the cutouts to your clothes and top it off with doll-like make-up and hair. Cute as a button!

Want a costume idea for the whole family? A Beautiful Mess makes this fairytale bunch come to life with a tutorial and some cute pictures to boot! Don’t need costumes for the whole family? Then we recommend sticking with Peter Pan. The Lost Boys seem a little—well—lost without him.

image via A Beautiful Mess

We found this idea on and fell in love. Get the simple and ingenious steps right here. All you need are a few easy-to-find “ingredients” and you’ll be cooking up an amazing costume in no time.

image via Modern Families + Fresh Ideas Parenting

Bee clever with this letter-loving costume, courtesy of Real Simple. Click here for the complete tutorial and turn a simple leotard into the cutest insect you’ve ever seen!

image via Real Simple