Nest Thermostat
via Nest

Stop Wasting Your Energy

This year, Old Man Winter puffed out arctic blasts so strong they stretched all the way to the South. So over the last few months, many of us have developed a love/hate relationship with our thermostats. We’ve spent many drafty days checking and rechecking them. Sure, we LOVED to crank up that heat to stay oh-so toasty inside while the wicked weather outside whipped our world into a scene out of Frozen. But comfort is costly. So each month we HATED—you know where this is going—when the dreaded bill arrived. It hit us like a slap in the face, right? Did we really soak up hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of energy just to keep from shivering? Yes. It happens to the best of us. But it doesn’t need to happen again.

Get Smarter With Your Thermostat 

Nest—now partnered with Google—is one of the smartest thermostats out there. So smart, in fact, it teaches us wasteful humans how to be more energy efficient, and ultimately, wiser with our savings. And like a good teacher, Nest pays close attention to our needs and remembers them. Do you like the house to be cooler around bedtime at 11 PM? Do you prefer a preheated kitchen before you grab that first cup of coffee at 6 AM? Did you remember to turn down the temperature before you left for work at 8 AM? No? No problem. Nest remembers it all for you, thanks to two exclusive features, Auto-Schedule and Auto-Away.

Auto-Schedule is really cool—or hot—because you don’t need to program anything manually. Within about a week, Nest learns your personal preferences by tracking your cooling and heating habits with its advanced Nest Sense algorithms and sensors. So the better your habits, the better your bills. And energy efficient users are rewarded with a small green leaf on the display screen—like a colorful, good for you sticker from the teacher. But the ultimate reward is the bill. You don’t hear that very often. For energy conscious customers, Nest can cut 20% off the cost of your previous bills, equaling hundreds of dollars in savings. Don’t drop your jaw just yet—there’s more.

Auto-Away allows users who don’t have a consistent schedule to set the energy-saving Away temperature, which remains constant until they return. Together, the sensors and algorithms sense when you’re no longer home, so within minutes, you’re no longer wasting energy—and money. There’s no sense in overheating or cooling an empty house, right? When you return, the unit picks right back up where it left off. And best of all, unlike other confusing electronics, Nest is all about simplicity—in both its design and installation.

Nest is one of the coolest looking thermostats around due to its less-is-more design. The simple, stainless exterior is much sleeker than its plastic predecessors. Nest’s smooth, hockey puck-like shape helps it blend discreetly into its surroundings—taking up a minimum amount of wall space while providing maximum comfort. Plus, it looks space age cool in any room, on any wall, in any home, so anyone would love it.

And the installation is as simple as the design. For starters, Nest is packaged in a no-brainer box, complete with an easy-to-follow instruction guide, a screwdriver, and all the necessary screws, so there’s no toolbox raiding required. However, if you find yourself needing more help, you can watch the helpful Nest video with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the seamless installation. Most customers complete the task, problem-free, in thirty minutes or less.

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