Simple Solutions to Soothe the Soul

At one time or another, we all seek a place of serenity within our home. A place where we can soothe our soul as we recharge our physical and emotional batteries. A location where everyday concerns take a back seat to peaceful contemplation.

As a homeowner, the specific room you select to be your “retreat” isn’t as important as the ambiance you create with your decorating choices, especially the paint colors you choose. Although an individual’s reaction to color is at least partly subjective, research has shown that calming colors such as green, blue and neutrals like tan and gray actually have a beneficial effect on heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension.

This article provides variations of four rooms to help you get started creating your own personal haven. Use these settings and color choices as food for thought, then go to MyPaintColors™, the new CertaPro® color visualizer, to find the colors that perfectly reflect your style.

Gray walls with just a hint of green impart feelings of tranquility and sophistication to this cozy, light-filled bedroom.

Warm tan walls and graceful draperies set a tone of relaxation in the alcove of this beautiful master bedroom.

Soothing blue on walls and ceiling paired with abundant natural light creates a personal retreat that’s as restorative as it is soothing.

Walls the color of early spring are topped by rugged wooden beams to create a natural harmony that’s as pleasing as it is serene.

When the main attraction of your dining area is a view of Mother Nature, choose a paint color that complements rather than competes.

The understated beauty of this comfortable eat-in kitchen in the American Southwest is enhanced by the time-honored terracotta color of the walls.

Abstract wall art lends a touch of whimsy to the clean lines, sleek surfaces and cool gray walls of this tranquil bathroom.

Natural materials and colors are front and center in this comfortable master bath, creating an oasis of calm in a rather unusual but lovely way.

The palest of seafoam green on the walls and ceiling, along with a repainted and repurposed cabinet from a second-hand shop, impart instant serenity to this beautiful retro bathroom.

A tan beamed ceiling above warm gold walls lifts the eyes but does not distract in this classically symmetrical and cozy living area.

Beautifully stained wood on floor and ceiling, a rustic stone fireplace and walls the color of river clay make this mountain retreat the perfect place for quiet reflection.

The gentle gray of the expansive wall and the dark rug that grounds the living area help to create a manageable space that’s both stylish and relaxing.