Rethink The Old: Adult Community Living In the Modern World

Senior living options were once limited to moving in with family or finding a room in a nursing home. With a growing and aging Baby Boomer population, the old saying “necessity is the mother of invention” happily rings true. Living options for those 55+ have exploded into a plethora of satisfying, inviting ways to enjoy the grown up years. Enter the active adult living community.

“Why should I not have it all?”

Those 55+ are increasingly expecting and demanding an interesting, vibrant lifestyle, through retirement and beyond. Engaging activities, chances to make new friends, learning opportunities, the ability to work or volunteer, and maintaining that all-important independence are all on the short-list of must-haves.

If you are an active adult considering the specifics of your next move, consider the aspects of life that appeal to you. Chances are good that active adult community living offers up what you seek.

Surprised? Here are five ways an active adult community lifestyle enables its residents to lead vibrant and fulfilling lifestyles, and to enjoy the type of life they have dreamed of for decades.

Benefit from a wider activity schedule than ever

Active adult living no longer brings to mind pictures of older adults rocking on their porch, unless that is what you crave! Today’s active adult communities boast numerous fulfilling, interesting hobbies, crafts, sports, and educational opportunities. Stretch your mental skill, your physical prowess, or your competitive edge in a fun environment. Stick to activities you have been involved in for years, or venture out and try something completely new that you never had time to learn. By staying involved in activities that keep your attention, retirement, or semi-retirement, becomes an exhilarating time of life.

Choose amenities based on budget

Navigating a fulfilling life within budget may seem like a tightrope, but for most people it’s within reach if they choose wisely. Whether you’re still working, consulting, or fully retired, an adult living community can handle the pesky daily tasks of property upkeep, lawn care and maintenance that come with home ownership. This allows you the ability to better manage your budget – especially important if you are on a fixed income – without expensive, budget busting “asteroids” flying in.

Setting a budget for your community lifestyle is simple. Look at your income, measure your current expenses, and increase or decrease that number based on your lifestyle needs. Mapping it out this way ensures you choose an active adult community that won’t strap your finances, but will still offer you carefree, comfortable living.

Enjoy new friendships with like-minded individuals

Whether your idea of fun includes tennis, golf, bridge, boating, or wine tasting, there is surely an active adult community where others share the same interests.

Review communities that boast activities you enjoy, and check them out. Within a short time, you will most likely make friends that share your interests, paving your way to becoming an integral part of the community.

Positive peer relationships are crucial to maintaining a productive, enjoyable life, and residing in a community where people enjoy similar interests makes it easy. Stay mentally and physically fit and fabulous by participating in activities that make you happy.

Select your ideal location

The answer to “where?” is a major component of choosing a place to live no matter your stage of life, and carries even more weight in later years. Beautiful weather, proximity to family, and access to the mountains, beach or culturally-rich city centers can all play a role in your decision-making process. By doing a little homework up front, choosing a community to call home ensures that your investment is safe, in a location that provides the type of lifestyle you seek.


When deciding on an adult living community, realize that all managed communities are not created equal. Closely study who is managing it, from their experience to their overall philosophy. Look for a community served by a company that understands the unique and evolving needs of Boomers. You set the standards and make the rules for your life. A professional management team that functions with your best interests gives you peace of mind, so you can enjoy this life stage with minimal worry or stress.

It’s time to reset what you thought you knew about active adult living communities, and that’s a good thing! These modern living options empower you to enjoy life to the fullest. The options are only limited by where you want to live and what you enjoy doing. By keeping these five important benefits in mind, you can weigh the type of community you feel would fit your lifestyle and your budget, and know that you made a decision that builds you and your family a fulfilling, bright future for many years to come.