Pamper your pets with an at-home spa

Pamper Your Pets Without Breaking the Bank

Our pets are an important part of our families and we try to treat our families to the best we can provide. You want to pamper your pets with the best food, treats and toys, and that can become costly very quickly! Luckily, there are affordable ways to spoil them right at home! Most pets are happy simply spending time with their humans, so why not go that extra mile for your furry family member that loves you just as much as you love them!

Pamper Your Pets with at home grooming

Pamper Your Pets with At-Home Grooming

Many pets cower in fear when they hear the word “bath.” Since pets typically respond well to a calm demeanor, try a soothing spa day at home.

Dogs – The easiest way to prepare your pooch for bath time is to prepare the bath area before they are even aware of what is going on. If possible, you can add calming music and flameless candles to make the bathroom appear even more relaxing. Use warm water and give a few treats to help your dog have a better experience. Be sure to use dog-friendly shampoo and if you have a brush, this stroking process will help remove excess hair while providing a nice massage!

Cats – While cats are known to be self-groomers, a helping hand from their human is always needed. Just like most pets, cats need to get used to the grooming process, so it is best to approach grooming when they are at their most calm. When giving your cat a bath, don’t spray or pour water over their head, use a spray hose or a pitcher to gently wash off the cat-friendly shampoo. Using an appropriate brush for your cat’s hair type (long or short), brush along the grain – never against. Brushing at least twice a week can help prevent matting, tangles, and helps remove dirt!

Pamper Your Pets With Homemade Food

There is nothing like a home-cooked meal, and as your pet watches you eat, he or she definitely agrees! Check out these home-cooked and pet-friendly recipes that can be used regularly or as a special treat! If your pet has special health needs or dietary issues, consult with your veterinarian before trying any home-cooked recipes for your dog or cat. Try the Chunky Meat and Rice recipe – it’s simple and straightforward.

What better way to give your pets the very best than to make their treats yourself? Treats with healthier ingredients can be costly, so you are also doing yourself a service by purchasing the ingredients for less at the grocery store. Your pet will enjoy high-quality snacks and you know that each treat is made with ingredients you approve.

Bacon PB Glaze Treats – Use coconut oil instead of bacon grease in these dog treats for a healthier treat!

Three Ingredient Salmon Cat Treats

For more “bone-appetit” worthy treat recipes, check out our previous blog post!

Pamper your pets with special bedding

Pet Bedding

There are dog beds for every breed and every ailment your pet may be facing. For small and medium breeds, it is best to keep the bed in proportion with their size. For larger breeds, there are beds with high quality foam that will last longer since they are heavier and are more likely to ruin the stuffing more quickly. If your dog has back problems, overheats from too much fur, gets too cold from a lack for hair or has any other issue, there is a bed out there that fits your dog’s needs!

For cats, typical cozy beds are still available, but there are plenty of options to take into consideration based on your cat’s activity level. Cat trees and cat condos can be a cozy spot for your cat, but they also allow exercise as cats can climb and wander around these types of resting areas. If you decide a condo is right for your cat, make sure no harsh chemicals were used to make the product!

Pet Toys

Making sure your pet is calm and clean is pivotal in giving them a great life, but it is just as important to keep their minds active. A bored pet can easily become a destructive pet. Try these toys that will keep your dog or cat busy while maintaining their problem-solving skills (and saving your favorite pair of shoes!).

We know you love your pets as much as we do! Try some of our suggestions to pamper your pooch or kitty and get the most bang for your buck at the same time.