The chip ‘n’ dip moment comes in many forms. It’s the ultimate party food, perfect for barbecues, family gatherings and relaxed Friday nights. Chips and dips are what you eat during Super Bowl and March Madness parties, the vast buffet of pre-dinner nibbles and finger foods quickly becoming dinner every time the bowl of tortillas is refilled and warm [...]
To buy a warranty or not to buy a warranty…that is the question. There are two schools of thought when it comes to warranties. There are those consumers who want peace of mind and spend extra money purchasing extended warranties and protection services. And there are those who think that buying an extended warranty is [...]
iced mocha
Iced coffee is happiness in a cup. But getting your daily cold caffeine fix can add up – fast. Save your pennies with these sublime iced coffee recipes you can whip up right at home. With a few key ingredients and a bit of planning, you’ll be having your coffee and drinking it, too. Be [...]
If you've caught yourself looking around your home and thinking that things are a bit dated or maybe just a little blah, now's the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and take on a DIY makeover. But if you don't have the time, energy or funds to put into a complete overhaul of your [...]
Household subscription boxes are all the rage these days. For between about $10 and $30 a month (and up), you can sign up for a themed box (think beauty, sweet treats, crafty kid stuff, coffee, tea, wine, and yes, even something for the dog) that’s delivered right to your door. Part of the fun? While [...]
One of the joys of gardening is growing a bountiful crop of fruits and vegetables to bring to the table for sharing with family and friends. Growing a bountiful garden can be hard work, though, as most of the popular garden vegetables need to be replanted from seed each year. Enter the perennial. These plants [...]
Kid Stares out Window on Rainy Day
It's raining, it's pouring...but it doesn't have to be really boring! No parent wants to hear their child complaining because they can't go out and play. Take a big sip of coffee and breathe. With a little inspiration, you can keep your sanity and keep them entertained without resorting to the numbing hum of video games. [...]