No Air Conditioning, No Problem: Stay Cool And Save Money

A hot, sunny day might be perfect for an excursion to the beach or the pool, but those high temperatures aren’t as ideal when you’re spending the day at home. Even though temperatures are rising, there’s no reason to let your energy bill climb, too. There are plenty of ways to stay cool and save on summer energy costs. These tips and tricks will keep your home – and your body – cool without blasting the air conditioning.

Hot Tips For Cool Home Savings

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The quickest and easiest way to save money is to use less air conditioning. In fact, you can save 1-3% on your energy bill for every degree the thermostat is set above 72 degrees Fahrenheit. And, by changing air conditioning filters on a regular basis, you can reduce energy use anywhere from 5-15% and minimize visits from the repairman.

But air conditioning isn’t the only way to cool down your home. Keep the air flowing and the heat out, and your house will be cool in no time:

Open The Windows: Keep your windows closed during the day when the air is warm, but open them after the sun goes down. As the cool evening breeze flows through your home, the warm air will get pushed back outside. Plus, there’s nothing more refreshing than clean, summer air when you sleep. To really maximize airflow, create a breeze by opening another window across the room or pointing a fan towards the window. However, make sure to close the windows in the morning, before the sun wakes up.

Unplug At Night: Turning off electronics is a great first step towards getting a good night’s sleep, but it’s even better to totally unplug. Small appliances, electronics and chargers give off heat even when they’re not in use. By removing plugs from sockets you’ll not only cool down, but also save on energy costs.

Create An Old-School Air Conditioner: Air conditioning wasn’t always as advanced as it is now. Turn the thermostat off and create your own old-fashioned icebox by placing a shallow pan of ice in front of a fan. As the ice melts, the fan will blow the cold air around the room. You can create a similar effect by hanging a cool, damp sheet in front of an open window.

Order-In Or Cook-Out: With so many warm weather activities to enjoy outside, why spend your time cooking inside? The heat coming off of an oven will travel throughout the whole house, making the temperature rise quickly. The summer weather is the perfect excuse to order take-out from your favorite restaurant, or fire up the grill for an outdoor barbeque. If neither of those are an option, try using the microwave or a crock-pot instead of the oven, as both conduct less heat.

Use Natural Light: Turn off the lights and take advantage of the long hours of summer sunlight. Light bulbs, even energy efficient ones, generate heat. But fortunately, the sun stays out until late so you won’t be fumbling around in the dark. However, if you’re planning on going out for an extended period of time, close the blinds to keep the sun from heating your home.

Focus On Keeping Your Body Cool

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Cool air can only do so much to help. Keeping your internal body temperature low can make hot days much more tolerable:

Sleep Like An Egyptian: To cool down on a hot summer night, take a page out of the ancient Egyptians’ books. Throw two sheets in the washing machine on spin cycle and then ring them out so they are damp, but not dripping. Lay one down on top of your mattress and use the other as a blanket. The moisture from the sheets will help you stay cool throughout the night. You can also try using a cooling, gel pillow called a Chillow when you sleep.

Cooling Eats: There are quite a few diet tricks that’ll help you stay cool this summer. Start by eating smaller meals more often as digesting a big meal takes a lot of energy, which will cause your body temperature to rise. Also, try eating spicy foods. While this might sound strange, the spices enhance circulation and cause you to sweat. Sweating is your body’s way of naturally cooling down. Other refreshing foods include sweet, ripe fruits, such as watermelon and avocado, and fresh vegetables, such as cucumbers and zucchini. Most importantly – stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water or eat popsicles, which not only hydrate you, but are also delicious!

Try A Peppermint Facemask: This DIY facemask is great for unwinding after a long, hot day and it also helps relieve minor sunburns. The refreshing and tingling sensation from the peppermint increases blood circulation and should help the burn heal faster while you feel the cooling effects.

Apply Cold Water To Your Wrists Or Neck: Your wrists and your neck are both strong-pulsed areas. Run a cloth under cold water and apply it to either area of your body for five seconds. Since major veins run through this area, the cold cloth will help cool your blood, and ultimately your entire body.

Take A Cold Shower: When all else fails, take a cold shower. It’s the quickest way to bring your temperature down and leave you feeling nice and refreshed.

Don’t let summer heat get the best of you or your wallet. With these home and body tricks, beating the heat can be easy.