New Year, New Space, New You

Just like that, we have landed in 2018! With each new year, we have positivity, hope and motivation for a brand new, shining path ahead. And rightfully so! But with 12 months and four seasons to go, it can take some perseverance to maintain inspirations and aspirations throughout the year. So we’d love to offer some suggestions for laying solid groundwork upon which you can build positive vibes to keep you empowered and thriving all year long!

The energies in our personal spaces may have a profound effect on all other areas of our lives. It is always a good idea to take inventory of what’s found in your own living spaces, and identify what is emanating positivity, bliss and comfort — and what is not. If you find that there are opportunities for you to refine, recycle, expand and improve, then take them! It is important that we honor ourselves by creating living spaces conducive to recovery and rejuvenation. Make this new year about your new space, and the new you!

Change Your Living Space Energy: creating soothing and empowering environments at home

Nothing breathes life and “newness” into a space more than the power of green, as in green plants! As a major de-stressor, plants make us feel instinctively more at ease. The touch of greenery brings on both stimulation and relaxation, increasing one’s overall wellbeing. In addition to alleviating stress, plants in the home are proven to improve air quality by reducing airborne debris, levels of pollutants and carbon dioxide. They can even regulate temperature! Take a look at Planted Well’s blog discussing 11 of the best indoor plants that you should consider purchasing and nurturing in your home to decompress and de-stress naturally.

Essential oil therapy is another highly effective way to improve your home environment. Distilled from different parts of plants, essential oils can provide you with health benefits that plants would provide, but without the burden of maintenance and care. Essential oils have been found in age-old remedies as part of holistic health care routines. They are believed to improve sleeping patterns and to reduce nausea, congestion, anxiety and more.

Three of the most popular and safest ways to incorporate oils into your daily routines at home include warming them with tea lights to carry the fragrance throughout your home, burning them in an oil diffuser or simply keeping jars of oils around the house for aromatic applications. Be mindful of which essential oils are best used at home, their different applications and the possible harmful consequences of improper use. Keeper of the Home’s blog discusses eight of the most effective essential oils for your home and how to use them daily.

When it comes to improving the energies in your living space, ask yourself the following questions: Is my environment conducive positive emotions? Does my environment feed my soul or drain it? If you find that your living space has been casting a shadow over your ability to experience brighter emotions on a daily basis, dive in head first to make some positive change!

Remove The Old to Welcome the New: donating or recycling with a purpose

As the adage goes, “The old has gone; the new has come.” Remember this as you assess your home in the new year and take note of items that no longer serve you, or items that possess a stagnant energy. The energy of stale items throughout your home may very well be preventing you from seeing new opportunities or experiencing your world in the best possible way. It has been said that energies manifest themselves within surrounding tangible objects. Make sure that the energy in your sanctuary is fresh, positive and conducive to receiving. To promote a healthy “flow” of positive energy in the home, try to consistently remove older items and “make space for life,” so to speak.

One way you can accomplish this is by emphasizing the purpose behind the action. As you are ridding yourself of older items, remember another adage, which reminds us that “one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.” There are ways to donate or recycle existing items in your home with a specific purpose.

Here are some examples:

  • Help struggling women land back on their feet again by providing them with the look and the confidence needed to score an interview and re-enter the workforce. Learn how at international, not-for-profit organization Dress For Success.
  • Help struggling men in poverty obtain the clothing, resources and life skills needed to find a new path towards stability and success, as they gain confidence as community contributors. Learn how at Career Gear.
  • Have an overflow of formal wear or party wear in your closet? Career clothing is not the only type of clothing requested by non-profit organizations! Help a young woman facing the pressures and obstacles of prom night enjoy herself without any struggles. Learn how to donate your formal wear, party wear, evening bags and shoes for prom night at Becca’s Closet.

Another fun, neighborhood-friendly and inclusive way to purge household items is to throw a community swap party. You can decide on a theme (whether it’s a book/household item/sports equipment/toy/clothing swap), decide on community rules for the exchange, add an element of fun to it with hors d’ouevres and refreshments, and get to promoting your swap event! For guidance on how to execute your plan, check out our story How To Throw A Community Swap Party.

Maybe you’ve decided to embrace a more sustainable way of living this year. If so, bravo! Your efforts in conducting a waste assessment on most commonly recycled items in your community will benefit your environment and your community, and result in some serious kudos from your neighbors. Check out our tips to help you organize a community recycling program.

By putting some thought and prioritization to clearing out your spaces and “cleansing” your immediate environment, you’ll find that there will be more room to breathe, grow and allow the positive energies around you to flow. Encourage yourself to detoxify your living spaces and your mental space. For more recommendations on how to expand your life by subtracting what does not serve you well, read up on ways to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. Here’s to a more organized, positive and happy new year!