When we heard Pantone announced “Marsala” as its 2015 color of the year, our first thought was, “Mmmm, we should cook with Marsala tonight.” After our mouths stopped watering, our second thought was that this color would look amazing in our homes. As Pantone puts it, Marsala is a “naturally robust and earthy wine red” that “enriches our minds, bodies and souls.” By definition, it sounds like a color more suited for earthy falls and rich winters. But though it doesn’t scream SPRING on the surface, this color can easily shift from season to season.

Color is the simplest way to update your decor without having to totally redecorate. And having a solid color strategy will create harmony and personality within your home. Read on to see how Marsala fits into your design style and the shopping lists that go with it.


A trend that’s not going anywhere soon—and one that we personally subscribe to—is decorating with bold colors that complement each other. For spring, opt for a teal blue—the green undertones will bring in a sense of freshness to complement the earthiness of Marsala.

Red is a stimulating color that is said to entice appetites. To bring the color into your kitchen, choose an ornate Spanish tile for your floor or backsplash. This one from The Home Depot pairs Marsala with mustard yellow and a muted forest green. Since the tile maintains a generous amount of off white negative space, the effect is old-world elegance rather than a dizzying combination of color.

Other spring colors that pair well with Marsala are apricot, coral, orchid, mustard and blush pink. Stack brightly colored bowls and display spring flowers like lilacs and peonies to pair bold on a smaller scale.


When a snow-covered winter finally makes the transition to spring, we tend to want to brighten up our spaces with crisp whites and colorful pastels. So, if something as dominant as a bold accent wall feels too powerful for you, start with a neutral base.

Nearly every color pairs well with off white, and our color of the year is no exception. But if you’re looking for something a little more out of the box, a light, soft gray will cool down the rich warmth of Marsala, helping it feel lighter for spring. The gray will also transition nicely through summer into fall and winter, so if you’re someone who doesn’t want to repaint every couple months (like us), this is a perfect choice.

Once you’ve flooded your home with your neutral base, pop in hints of Marsala. Textiles like area rugs, lightweight throws, accent pillows and lamp shades are a great way to do this. And incorporating Marsala into fresh flower displays will help make the color feel more like spring.

Don’t be afraid to change out your furniture. Though it may seem like a drastic change, opting for a Marsala-hued couch for your living room or a set of chairs to spruce up your dining and kitchen area will draw the eye and shift the focal point of the space without having to change too much.


When it comes to interior design, textures help tell a story. A matte Marsala brings out the dusty, organic earthiness in the color, while a glossy finish adds a sense of luxury. Whether you choose to pair bold colors, opt for a neutral base or even wash your room in a monochromatic palette, play with textures to bring out the personality in each piece.

Paint a wall or room with a suede-finished Marsala and accessorize with a crushed velvet royal blue couch. The luminance of the velvet will add depth and contrast to the matte walls, adding a touch of glamour that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Try a textured print wallpaper. This geometric paper from Anthrolopogie offers a relatively neutral base, but has rose gold accents that make it feel contemporary—use this to frame your space and accent with Marsala furniture.

Mix metallics. A color like Marsala that oozes versatility will pair well with gold, silver or copper. Try mixing metals for an elegant, contemporary feel—gold nesting tables with mirrored tops or a book shelf display with matte gold picture frames and a bright silver vase will give your room a luxe-eclectic vibe.


The great thing about the Pantone Matching System is that it’s essentially universal. And brands like Glidden, Benjamin Moore and Behr will match paint to just about anything. Upload a picture to their websites and mobile apps or bring a fabric swatch, flower or any other example of what you’re looking for in to a store and walk out with your perfect match.

For fabrics, it’s always important to match in person rather than with a picture or online. Visiting a store will not only give you a more accurate color representation, it’ll let you explore how textures feel and complementary colors translate within your palette.