How to Create a Great First Impression

Which space in your house speaks most clearly about your style to guests arriving for the first time? It’s the foyer. And whether it’s large or small, it’s the space that delivers a whopping first impression. It sets the scene for the rest of the interior, communicating your personality through color, style and often, treasured accessories. So when you decide it’s time to give your rooms a decorating pick-me-up, make sure you give the foyer as much thought as any other space in your home.

Options for decorating a foyer are many and varied, but these tried and true design guidelines will help you determine what’s right for your space and your taste. First, select paint colors that create the ambiance you want to achieve. Your foyer colors should also function to introduce other colors you plan for adjacent rooms. Now, choose one or more from among the following suggestions to create a desired mood that will delight you – and impress your guests!

Thanks to CertaPro Painters for these amazing tips.

Create an interesting focal point with distinctive wall art.

Use a round table to help fill in an expansive foyer.

Place a rug to define and ground the space.

Provide lighting for a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Include convenient seating.

Display things you love to make the foyer uniquely yours.