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Five-Minute Hairstyles for Your Craziest Mornings

Not every morning lends itself to complicated braids or that messy, I-woke-up-like-this look that actually takes a solid 45 minutes to style. When you can’t hide it all with your favorite trucker hat, try one of these five-minute styles instead. You’ll look perfectly pulled together even on the most harried of mornings.

The basic ponytail is ideal when you’re heading for the gym. Here’s how to step it up for the office with a look that’s fun but still done (and fast, too).

Tools: Bobby pins, comb, finishing product

  • Begin by lightly teasing your roots for a bit of volume. Then, split your hair into three sections – left, middle and right.
  • Bring the left and right sections forward over your shoulders. Then lightly twist the middle section from the top down.
  • Twist the middle section vertically from an inch or so beneath your crown to the nape of your neck. Pin into place with a few bobby pins.
  • Twist the left section in the same way next to the first twist. Gently tug to create a bit of volume, then pin in place. Don’t worry if your twists look a little messy – just make sure everything is secure.
  • Drape the remaining section across the other two twists. Twist this piece over the first two and pin in place. Use a finishing product to set the style.

A few tips: don’t pull your hair too tightly into the twist. The look should be soft and messy with plenty of volume. This style will work well on hair that hasn’t just been washed. Check out the video tutorial at Twist Me Pretty.

Twisted Pony

image via Twist Me Pretty

This isn’t your average messy bun. It’s a four-step style that’s fun and casual with an elegant twist. Note: this style works best on longer hair.

Tools: Hair tie, large bobby pins, finishing product

  • Begin by parting hair and pulling it into a low pony behind one ear.
  • Wrap the pony into a twist as though you were tying it into a knot, but don’t pull the tail all the way through.
  • Use large bobby pins to secure the knotted bun.
  • Gently, pull and tug on your hair throughout the bun and at the crown for volume and texture, then spray with a finishing product.

View the tutorial at Once Wed.

knotted bun

image via Once Wed

This is a fast style for those with classic bobs or lobs – it works best on shorter hair, but you can pull it off with longer hair too.

Tools: Elastic headband, bobby bins, light-hold styling cream, comb, curling iron

  • Quickly curl the ends of your hair for a bit of bend, and use a bit of styling cream on the ends to help hold things in place.
  • Put the headband on your head (on top of your hair, not beneath), about one to two inches behind your hairline. Use a pin to secure it in place.
  • Working in small sections and beginning on one side, lightly twirl your hair away from your face and up. Tuck the ends of the twist into the headband. Use a bobby pin to secure the ends if you need it. Work backward to the middle, then repeat on the opposite side, remembering to twirl away from your face.
  • Use a hand mirror to check that the style is balanced.

Check out the video tutorial at The Beauty Department.


image via Bye Bye Beehive

Messy bun, meet pretty scarf. Dress up your messiest of messy buns with a printed scarf. How easy is that?

Tools: hair tie, pretty scarf

  • Pull hair back into a low, messy bun. Gently tug and pull your hair at the crown and throughout the bun for texture and volume.
  • Wrap the scarf around the elastic and tie a bow. Pull and fluff the loops and ends until even.

image via The Shine Project