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Feel Zensational: Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom more of a dumping ground than a restful retreat? Unfortunately, many of us surround ourselves with energy-zapping electronics and miscellaneous clutter that sucks the serenity right out of the space. Does that sound like you? If so, then it’s time to feng shui your way to a better state of mind and body in the boudoir. Less is more is the life-changing motto. By following these simple feng shui basics you can create the sensual, comfortable bedroom you deserve. Read on…

Take A Break From Technology

For starters, no TV or computers allowed. To fully feng shui your space, you need to unplug from it all. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted from these items destroy positive energy, which can affect your health—and your love life. Yikes. Why take that risk, right?

Open The Windows

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Let the fresh air in as often as the weather allows. Breathing stale, polluted air while you sleep is not good feng shui. Or good ever. You might consider getting an air purifier to keep the oxygen flowing freely if an open window isn’t an option. Or use essential oils—not toxic, fragranced oils—to freshen the air. Surprisingly, plants are bad in the bedroom unless your room is very large and they’re located far from the bed. Why? Plants have a vibrant growing energy, which isn’t conducive with feng shui’s peaceful principles in the bedroom.

Make The Bed Right

Your bed is by far the most important piece of feng shui furniture because it’s the most intimate connection to your personal energy. So set it up right to get the full feng shui benefits. A solid wooden frame and headboard (no decorative openings), a good mattress (never buy used), and high-quality, natural fiber sheets are key to creating harmonious energy to enhance your wellbeing and relationships. Sure, this all might cost a little more, but your health and happiness are priceless. Next, be sure the bed is approachable on both sides, with symmetrical nightstands on each side, as well. And never place your bed directly in front of the door, blocking good feng shui energy. Who knew? Now you do. Finally, choose a bed with good height above the floor—avoiding below-the-bed storage—so energy flows freely around you as you sleep. Is it time to clean beneath your bed?

Keep The Walls Neutral

The best feng shui wall colors to promote restorative sleep are “skin colors,” ranging from pale whites to deep browns. These neutrals pair nicely with solid wood furnishings and vibrant fire accessories (reds, golds, and oranges) to create a stunning, sensual feng shui environment guaranteed to ramp up good energy in the bedroom.

Choose Your Art Wisely

The art you hang on your walls contains very powerful energy. So surround yourself with images that reflect what you want to see happening in your own life—paintings that depict love, intimacy, and happiness are great choices. After all, what you put up reveals—and affects—your emotional state. So definitely avoid images of loneliness and violence.

Adding Aromas

To further enhance the feng shui of your room, place an essential oil dispenser on your dresser or next to your bed. The therapeutic smell of oils such as lavender, eucalyptus or lemongrass will increase your ability to unwind and will make your bedroom a place of relaxation. Not only will this make you happier, but it will make your room feel like an at-home spa – and who doesn’t want that?

Dimmer Is Better


Appropriate lighting is one of the most important elements of feng shui. Dimmer switches are nice, but candles are your best bet for creating soothing, healing, intimate energy. Not only do they invoke the strong energy of purification, but they also warm up that energy to relieve daily stress. Who doesn’t love candlelight, right? By burning one fifteen minutes before bedtime, you can considerably shift your surrounding energy for heightened romance and a more restful sleep. But be sure to stick with unscented or subtly scented candles or your good energy might turn into a bad headache.

All of the tips above will help you get started feng shuiing for a better future. Pretty simple, right? And the benefits last a lifetime.

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