Fall scents offer more than pumpkin

Step Aside, Pumpkin – Seasonal Fall Scents that Shouldn’t be Overlooked

Yes, pumpkin is king when it comes to fall scents and flavors – one visit to Starbucks, Whole Foods or  Trader Joe’s makes that crystal clear. But this season, try spreading your wings with a few lesser-known and overlooked – but no less wonderful – scents of the season. From lotions and scrubs to candles and DIY potpourri knockoffs, fall scents don’t end with pumpkin spice.

Nutmeg & Cinnamon

One of these fall scents is rich and earthy, the other pure coziness. But both spices are warm and familiar and brimming with fall associations. And get this – there’s more to nutmeg and cinnamon than just fabulous aromas. Nutmeg also induces stress relief and muscle relaxation, while cinnamon has been shown to boost brain function and help you focus.

Cinnamon is among the fall scents that aren't pumpkin.

DIY it: Bring this fall scent home – stash bundles of cinnamon sticks tied up prettily with twine in a decorative dish for an easy potpourri hack. Or try a stovetop simmer with whole cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and orange peels.

Buy it: J&G’s cinnamon nutmeg candle is perfect for conjuring feelings of chilly evenings and snuggly blankets.

Brown Sugar

Warm and sweet, brown sugar works wonderfully as a fragrant fall scent when it’s paired with something a little spicy. It’s reminiscent of all-day baking marathons, and the delicious, toasty scent of all those baked goodies.

Brown sugar is another alternative in fall scents.

DIY it: Bake up a pie! Or DIY a brown sugar scrub with melted coconut oil, allspice essential oil, orange essential oil and lots of brown sugar.

Buy it: Indulge in the luxury of a brown sugar candle from Fresh. Its addictive blend of brown sugar, caramel and musky scents will make your entire home smell like a sugar cookie!


All right, apples are a classic fall scent and almost as ubiquitous as pumpkin. But there’s a lovely versatility to apples as well. Go sweet for a just-baked-pie fragrance, or try something warm and spicy. How do you like those apples?

Apple cider is the last of our fall scents.

DIY it: Simmer apple cider with cinnamon sticks. Divine!

Buy it: Bath & Body Works has an apple cinnamon cider candle that will immediately transport you to fall in New England.