Shades of blue are part of bold fall decorating trends.

Fall Decorating Trends for 2018 Are So Much More Than Pumpkin Spice

Time to decorate for fall! That means breaking out the orange, gold and brown, right? Not so fast! The Pantone Color Institute has other ideas. Fall decorating trends this year feature a palette of 10 bold colors like Nebulas Blue, Quetzal Green and Ultra Violet, plus a palette of 5 neutrals that work with all of the bolds hues. Not worry – the bold palette still includes Russet Orange, Martini Olive and Ceylon Yellow for traditionalists.

Why the shift? The folks at Pantone believe that consumers are less willing to abide by traditional rules about what colors are appropriate when. “The Fall/Winter 2018 palette continues to show designers expressing the need for individuality, ingenuity and creativity though fashion,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, in a press release. “As designers and consumers alike continue to transition away from cyclical trends, and instead focus on self-expressive colors that evade antiquated seasonal structure, we are seeing very notable non-traditional choices.”

Bold colors are key to fall decorating trends.

That means bold blues and violets and reds are trendy well beyond spring and summer. The palette also includes the bright, but lighter, Crocus Petal – a lively lavender that would be perfect at any Easter brunch.

When did navy blue become a neutral? Pantone’s Sargasso Sea is exactly that and it’s part of the classic color palette to complement the fashion colors on the palette. It’s a great fit with cooler colors like Valiant Poppy, Crocus Petal or Limelight, a bright, light yellow, and with warmer ones too, including Ceylon Yellow and Russet Orange. The rest of the classic color palette is more traditional, with shades of ivory, tan, gray and light brown.

While the teams at Pantone created the color palette primarily for fashion, they are definitely affecting interior design. Try the bolder colors (Quetzal Green, Russet Orange) as accents against a Tofu or Quiet Gray backdrop or go crazy with a Nebulas Blue couch against a Sargasso Sea wall. The combinations of classic colors with the bolder hues are almost endless. Quiet Gray with Ultra Violet? Perfect. Red Pear with Almond Buff? Why not. Don’t be afraid to combine the classic color palette shades with each other! Sargasso Sea can be an accent color against a softer background of any of the other classic colors.

Fall decorating trends go far beyond color, of course. Did you ever think you’d go back to the 80s? Embellished denim jackets and popped collars are making a comeback! To capture that vintage vibe, check out graffiti print fabrics and wall coverings or use a bold (dare we say Day-Glo?) color like Ultra Violet for an accent wall. Oversized numbers and letters as accents are another 80s-inspired trend.

Pumpkins, gourds, pinecones and wreaths will always be classics for fall. (Freshen them up by painting with the Pantone color palette! Tofu pumpkins make a great backdrop for untouched gourds.) The rustic farmhouse look is still trendy – that’s not going away for a while.

Fall is alllll about getting cozy, settling in for the winter. You can easily make a room warmer and cozier by adding velvet pillows and cuddly throws in any shade. Whatever fall decorating trends you decide to adopt in your home, they have to be comfortable and welcoming to your family and guests. Welcoming warmth never goes out of style!