Color Your Kitchen happy with bright dishes

Color Your Kitchen Happy in 2018

Each year, new trends pop up, in food, gardening, fashion and yes, decorating. While some are fleeting , others are more meaningful and have a much longer “shelf life.” 2018 is no different and we are already seeing some significant interior design trends that are sure to make a difference in the homes of many.

These trends seem to build upon each other. Designers make predictions based on what works, what is realistic and what makes people happy and then breathe new life into those trends by adding layers of versatility, color, form and function. The 2018 trends pave the way for a more creative, inspired and Zen-like feel to the most used parts of our homes.

Home should be where people feel their most inspired, comfortable and peaceful. According to HGTV, the predictions for 2018 are all about pops of color and bringing life to the kitchen. Think about it: the kitchen is considered the heartbeat and the center of the home. In most cases, much of the typical hustle and bustle of everyday life occurs there.  For most people, the day starts in the kitchen with that vital first cup of coffee or with breakfast. As the day wears on, we find ourselves milling in and out of the kitchen for snacks, drinks and catch-up chats. So kitchen that pleases the senses and provides function at the same time is important.

Bold and substantial colors are expected to be big this year. Nina Magon from Contour Interior Designs predicts that everything from sinks to cabinets will be embellished by bursts of color in 2018. She also believes that this will spark life into standard stainless-steel appliances! We should start to see more textures like copper and stone popping up in kitchens nationwide.

In our January 2018 Elements of Living post, “Ultra simple decorating with ultra violet, Pantone’s 2018 color of the year,” ultra violet was the color was predicted to be the life of the party this year. Ultra violet ranges from a pale lavender to a vibrant violet or blue and can be used for small accents or to make a bold statement.

A simple pop of color, including ultra violet, can take a lifeless space and create warmth. Imagine standing in a dreary room, filled with stainless steel, muted colors and cold, lifeless tiles. It’s depressing just thinking about it. Considering the amount of time that is spent in the kitchen, the 2018 trend of adding bright, happy colors to it should be one that sticks around.

The best thing about trends is that you can play around with them and make them your own. You do not need to have an endless supply of money or resources to bring the trends to life. You simply need a creative spirit and imagination mixed with the bravery to let those run wild. You can get crazy and paint your kitchen walls or cabinets purple or you can simply add a splash of color here and there with touches like a bright bouquet of flowers, colorful dish towels or ceramic dishes. 2018 is the year to color your kitchen happy!

Story by Heather Saban-Weinstein. Heather is the director of organizational development for the South region of FirstService Residential.