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Joy to the world, the holidays are here. Folks from all across the globe are enjoying the season with unique celebrations and traditions. And a lot of fabulous food. So why not treat your taste buds to a tour of foreign fare? Take a break from the tried-and-true turkey and classic cutout cookies and get [...]
The holidays are a natural time to dig into your gift wrap stores to see what you need to stock up on for late-night wrapping sessions. Before you go out and by rolls of cheap, uninspired wrapping paper that can only be used for Christmas, try your hand at making your own. DIY wrapping papers [...]
Let's be clear, when it comes to hosting a great football party there are only two things that really matter—the spread and the game. Here's how to host a pigskin party that will have your guests shouting, "TOUCHDOWN!" First things first: stock up on icy adult beverages, but keep things simple. Just fill a few [...]
There are countless reasons to love the holidays, from delicious cookies and cheerful parties, to the magical spirit the season brings. It’s a time to relax with your loved ones and to spread holiday cheer. Though there are many wonderful traditions, there is one favorite that will always remain: holiday movies. Watching them with your [...]
The holiday season is the perfect time to say “thank you.” But what exactly should you get for the people on your list? Whether it's your neighbor or best friend, you definitely don’t want them to feel obligated or awkward by spending a lot of money on them, especially if they’re not expecting it. On [...]
Two things happen when the holidays start jingling your way: First, the visions-of-sugarplums excitement and anticipation that come with the most magical time of the year. And second, the worry that comes with what’s also the most stressful time of the year. Especially if you’re throwing a holiday party for your homeowners association. But don’t [...]
Before we learn how to safely fry a turkey, you may be wondering why fry? In the past few years, deep-fried turkey has become all the rage—and for good reason. Here’s why: It’s super fast. Deep-frying a 12-pound turkey can take as little as half an hour, compared to three or more hours for roasting. [...]
Everyone knows we eat with our eyes first, and the perfect table setting is the visual appetizer to the feast ahead. Fortunately, you can set the stage (or in this case, the table) with Thanksgiving décor that will wow your guests without adding hours of crafting to your turkey day to-do list. Read on for [...]

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