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Summer Beach Workouts
Let’s be honest – the gym can get old. Same equipment, same routine, same workout. This summer, shake things up with a surf-and-sea workout guaranteed to get your heart pumping. Cross-training is the key to constantly challenging yourself, and this beach workout is no joke. And bonus – between the gorgeous views and the salty [...]
Kid Stares out Window on Rainy Day
It's raining, it's pouring...but it doesn't have to be really boring! No parent wants to hear their child complaining because they can't go out and play. Take a big sip of coffee and breathe. With a little inspiration, you can keep your sanity and keep them entertained without resorting to the numbing hum of video games. [...]
Celebrate Earth Day
Earth Day is April 22, and if you’re like most of us, you expect the topic to be covered in school with an obligatory leaf-adorned project. But let’s be real. Earth Day deserves at least a portion of the time taken up by the big commercialized holidays. We could live without ghosts on Halloween or [...]
Have you ever happened upon an episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” and been held spellbound while a dancer did something truly amazing? Dance, particularly ballet, is one of the most expressive art forms, but it's a bit of an enigma: When done well, it looks utterly effortless, but it takes an enormous amount of [...]
What are the secrets of a happy life? People have tried to answer that question for thousands of years. They’ve looked to philosophy and countless self-help books. The media associates happiness with wealth, beauty and fame. Advertisers, on the other hand, say happiness is the result of buying the right products. But none of this is the [...]
Move over, kale. Sure, we love your essential vitamins and ridiculous mineral count, but in 2017, we’re making room for other veggies on the dinner plate. From earthy and unusual to vibrant and frilly, this year’s trendiest vegetables are as eye-popping as they are delicious, and we’re sharing exactly what they are, where to buy them [...]
Between the blustery winds, freezing temperatures and all that indoor heating, winter can be a tough few months for hair. Your choices: lots of hat head, or switching up your hair care routine to keep a season of bad hair days at bay. If you’re down for option two, follow these three tips to avoid [...]
With the new year here, many health newbies look toward a rather lofty goal: running their first marathon. But going from the couch to 26.2 miles, or even from one workout regimen to a new one, takes preparation and lots of training. In fact, preparation for a marathon is a marathon in itself. Completing a [...]

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