Binge-Worthy TV Shows You’ve Never Heard Of

It won’t be long before dipping temps force us back indoors, bracing for the long haul of fall and winter ahead. Sound depressing? Well, it doesn’t have to, thanks to a bevvy of binge-worthy shows so good we won’t even mind if the weather is bad. Really. Your chance of survival is all about streaming. So hunker down because Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have got you covered. Once you’ve stockpiled your popcorn, warm blankets, and remote-friendly batteries, you’re good to go binge on a smorgasbord of must-see TV. Don’t know where to start? Think you’ve already seen all of the best series? Doubt it. Here are some incredible shows you’ve probably never heard of, but DEFINITELY need to see. Read on…

Peaky Blinders (Netflix)


Set in Birmingham, England in 1919, this BBC series turned Netflix Original is based on the exploits of the Shelby family who lead the Peaky Blinders— a feared mob who sews razor blades into the peaks of their caps just in case there’s trouble. And there’s plenty of trouble. Tommy Shelby, the main character and leader of the gang, runs the family’s illegal activities, but luckily, the local cops are in his pockets so the Peaky Blinders pretty much“police” the rough neighborhood themselves. But despite their violent, murderous ways, the Shelbys are a loving, close-knit family just trying to get by—illegally—and get away with it. A combination of Boardwalk Empire and Deadwood, Peaky Blinders has it all – romance, drama, gang fights, gambling, and murder. Now that’s entertainment.

Durham County (Hulu Plus)


This Canadian series is eerie and dark, but definitely worth your binge-watching while. Veteran homicide detective, Mike Sweeney, moves back home to Durham County where he’s quickly involved in a murder investigation involving his neighbor and childhood friend, Ray Prager, with whom he shares a grim past. As this thriller unfolds and the tension builds, unsavory secrets are revealed. Durham County contains some gruesome—but awesome—scenes that might force you to peek over the edge of your blanket. But if you love a twisted story, you’ll find Durham County irresistible.

The Escape Artist (Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus)


Okay, so we’re sticking with the dark and twisted theme again, but this creepy PBS Masterpiece series is one you won’t want to miss. A successful defense lawyer, Will Burton, wins the majority of his cases, including that of a guilty, brutal killer who, once freed, begins stalking Burton and his family. Tune in to see who’s smarter—the skillful lawyer or the predatory murderer? Who lives—or dies?

Narcos (Netflix)


If you loved Breaking Bad, then Narcos is a definite must-see on your binge-watching list. Narcos, also a drug-fueled drama, tracks the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar, the “King of Cocaine” in the 1980s and ‘90s. This action-packed series chronicles Escobar’s personal life, as well as the drug war between the Medellin Cartel and the DEA. “There’s no business like blow business,” is the show’s clever tagline, accurately describing the thriving drug empire run by the Columbian kingpin, attempting to elude the DEA’s dogged pursuit to take him down. Ahh, that’s good stuff.

So there you go. Enjoy. It’s true, these little-known, yet powerful shows are far from funny and mindless. But that’s what sitcoms are for, right? So if you’re looking for gripping narrative with twists and turns and suspenseful surprises to keep your brain hooked, grab your popcorn, blanket, and remote and binge-on!