2018 gardening trends

2018 Gardening Trends: One Will Work For You

More and more people are getting back to nature, bringing it indoors if they have to. Regardless of your space or where you live, there is a 2018 gardening trend that will work for you. Urban gardening, often in containers, is more popular than ever and goes way beyond the window box. Those who have more space can experiment with water features and a wide variety of plants.

Read on for some of our favorite 2018 gardening trends!

2018 gardening trends
  • Make the most of available space by considering multi-purpose features such planters on patio or deck space, railings and porches. Work comfortable seating or a hammock into your plan.
  • Check out the power of air-purifying plants like the Boston fern, spider plant and ficus to make your indoor air healthier.
  • Include a variety of textures, such as planters, bricks, large stones and edging.
  • Zen and meditation gardens are huge for 2018! Think about a shallow sandbox to rake, water features that bubble soothingly and a bench in a quiet, shady spot for rest and reflection.
  • Create a sense of enclosure by ensuring each space is clearly designated. These clean lines will add a more modern feel and allow you to include other areas.
  • Don’t have a lot of time or interest in maintenance? Consider a “bedhead garden!” — an informal planting method that relies on easy-care and native plants that look good without all the extra work. Purple hyssop is one plant that works well for bedhead gardens. Plant a lot of it and let it go. Wildflowers are also a good option for this. While you’re taking it easy, ignore the weeds! Dandelions add color, right?
  • For unique looks, check out options for upcycled planters. People are turning old chairs, chamber pots, ceramic wash basins, wheelbarrows and even typewriters into planters! Just make sure that the container has holes for proper drainage.
  • Conserve water! Using native plants, water features that recycle water and rainscaping with ornamental grasses can give you a gorgeous garden that needs less water. Xeriscaping (think succulents!) and rock gardens are other options to conserve water without sacrificing the look of your home.
2018 gardening trends

New to gardening in any form? Here are some basic things to consider no matter how you plan your garden:

  • Location, location, location – Where will you be planting? Ensure the proper sunlight, nutrients and water are available, indoors or out.
  • Depth – Some plants have roots that are fast growing and space consuming. Carefully evaluate this as you plan your garden space.
  • Seasonality – Some plants, such as annuals, are not as hearty as others and may need to be replanted each year. Perennials, on the other hand, come back each year.
  • Color – What makes you feel good? Some people prefer a clean and green look (think of those vertical wall gardens that are popping up everywhere) while others want to add a splash of color.
  • Care – What care is needed? This is where it can get tricky. Don’t get so distracted by the beauty of a plant that you forget that beauty comes with a cost. Think of your own personal care routine. Do you eat every day? Drink water? Take vitamins? These are some of the things that will need to be provided to your plants on a regular basis. Before creating your garden space, create a plan. Think about the time and cost of maintenance as you create your plan.

These simple tips will empower you to begin gardening. If you are already an avid gardener, take stock of what you’ve already created and consider taking it to the next level with a water feature or meditation area. Regardless of your experience, these 2018 gardening trends will help you create a space you can enjoy.


Copy by Heather Saban Weinstein, director of organizational development for FirstService Residential in Florida.