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Feet can sometimes get a bad rep. Many people are grossed out by them and consider them ugly or disgusting, but that's really unfair to the vast majority of hardworking feet out there. Your feet help you walk, run and dance all day long, without a word of complaint. They're one of your most important [...]
The first rule of guys' night is there are no rules. Okay, so that’s not really true. With families, full-time jobs and adult responsibilities – that mortgage isn’t going to pay itself – not everyone can throw caution to the wind and run with the wolves like Bradley Cooper in The Hangover. But that doesn’t mean [...]
Hot. Hot. Hot. It’s the only way to describe the poke bowl craze that’s sweeping the country. What started centuries ago as a hearty and inexpensive meal for Hawaiian fishermen has become the latest food trend to arrive on the mainland. Poke (pronounced "poy-kay") means "to section," "slice" or "cut" in Hawaiian. Traditionally, a poke bowl is made [...]
Are you planning for retirement? No matter your age or income, the answer should be yes! It's never too early to get started, and the longer you commit to saving, the better off you'll be when you're ready to stop working. It’s never too late to start planning, so don't let a fear of the [...]
What comes to mind when you think of a man cave? If it's a dark corner of a basement with a couple of couches and a big screen TV, it's time to evolve. After all, even cavemen painted their stone walls to make the place a little more homey. Modern man caves are much less about the [...]
It could be any Friday or Saturday night, almost certainly on the early side of 9 p.m. as you and your partner work 40 hours a week, endure lengthy commutes and spend your free time maintaining the family, when you grab a pint of ice cream and settle down on the sofa. “It’s my movie [...]

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