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Summer Beach Workouts
Let’s be honest – the gym can get old. Same equipment, same routine, same workout. This summer, shake things up with a surf-and-sea workout guaranteed to get your heart pumping. Cross-training is the key to constantly challenging yourself, and this beach workout is no joke. And bonus – between the gorgeous views and the salty [...]
Treasure can be found in the unlikeliest of places: hidden in the knotted base of an Oak tree, tucked underneath a large rock on an old railway path or magnetically attached to a signpost behind a busy suburban shopping center. Welcome to the world of geocaching. Geocaching originated in 2000, and it's one of the [...]
The classic fruit salad dish is making a comeback. The cool cachet is blooming like a bejeweled berry. Today's fruit salads are as perfect on the tongue as they are on the eye. Modern fruit salads are defined by unique flavors and textual contrasts like seeds and nuts. So the next time you're invited to a [...]
Have you been eyeing a new grill for the backyard, or a plush new mattress for your bedroom, but can't commit to the dollar signs on the price tag? You might be surprised to know that prices fluctuate — sometimes by a lot — throughout the year, and some months are better than others to [...]
Comfort takes on many forms. Whether it’s our tangible surroundings or our discernible peace of mind, comfort is key when we’re choosing a community. A good home is easy to find, but a great lifestyle is in the details.  There’s a lot more to consider than just cost before we settle on—and then into—our comfortable [...]
Does anyone actually like doing laundry? Lugging baskets of dirty clothing around is no fun, and all that sorting and folding seems never ending. After all, unless you complete this chore au naturel, you can never really be done with laundry — there's always something in the bottom of your hamper waiting for you. If you're [...]

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