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Celebrate Earth Day
Earth Day is April 22, and if you’re like most of us, you expect the topic to be covered in school with an obligatory leaf-adorned project. But let’s be real. Earth Day deserves at least a portion of the time taken up by the big commercialized holidays. We could live without ghosts on Halloween or [...]
Instant ramen noodles have been a staple for college students and budget-conscious shoppers for years, but a growing number of restaurants are serving traditional styles of ramen and other noodle soups on far fancier menus than you might expect. Pho, ramen and Vietnamese noodle shops are all the rage among the foodie set, but you [...]
It's early morning and the sun is shining! You've got the whole day ahead of you and, of course, you want to make it memorable. Enter brunch. Because it's early in the day, most of your guests will have the time slot free, and they're sure to appreciate a hearty meal to keep them going [...]
There are certain times of year when you may start to feel a hunger for knowledge. Maybe it's in the spring, when the weather warms and you find yourself wanting something more out of your days than your plain old routine. Or perhaps it happens to you in September, when the lure of a freshly [...]
A kitchen renovation is a big deal! After all, there are so many decisions to make, from the layout and cabinetry style to the appliances and paint colors. Once you've finally gotten around to remodeling your kitchen and everything is installed, it's time to make one last decorating choice: the backsplash. It's tempting to simply choose a [...]
Work hard. Make money. Buy new clothes, the latest technology and more toys for the kids. Does this sound familiar? It’s a blueprint that many of us tend to get carried away with. Our lives can sometimes seem like a series of purchases and consumer transactions, but too many possessions can weight us down – [...]

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