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Looking for a fun new fitness challenge, but not sure where to start? Run a 5K. It’s a doable distance of 3.1 miles that will help bring your body back to life—and back into shape. No marathon required. Maybe next year? In the meantime, set your sights on a local 5K at least seven weeks [...]
What are the secrets of a happy life? People have tried to answer that question for thousands of years. They’ve looked to philosophy and countless self-help books. The media associates happiness with wealth, beauty and fame. Advertisers, on the other hand, say happiness is the result of buying the right products. But none of this is the [...]
Farmhouse décor is everywhere these days, and you don't have to live in a Little House on the Prairie to make this look work in your home. Farmhouse living is all about turning rustic — but still useful! — found items into beautiful objects of art. Farmers are frugal souls, and if you bring a [...]
If you're feeling sluggish and unfit, changing your diet to embrace nutritious foods can be a quick way to get healthy and enjoy more energy. Whole30 is a popular plan to revamp your relationship with food by eliminating some notorious culprits from your diet. It can take some significant preparation to cook healthy meals, but that's where [...]
Move over, kale. Sure, we love your essential vitamins and ridiculous mineral count, but in 2017, we’re making room for other veggies on the dinner plate. From earthy and unusual to vibrant and frilly, this year’s trendiest vegetables are as eye-popping as they are delicious, and we’re sharing exactly what they are, where to buy them [...]
For many people, just the idea of cooking a multi-course meal sounds intimidating, let alone actually rolling up the shirtsleeves and diving into a DIY, Michelin star-worthy dinner. But therein lies the misconception about preparing multi-course meals. Multi-course doesn’t have to mean overly complicated. When cooking a homemade dinner for a loved one, a simple, low-key multi-course meal [...]
When the snow starts falling and the temperatures drop, the roads can become treacherous. Just as bad? Loading the whole family into the car for Grandma’s house, turning the key and hearing… nothing. Thankfully, you can avoid that  nightmare with a little prep work. Follow these simple steps for a great winter driving season, and [...]
Pop Quiz: When's the last time you logged off of the device you're using to read this article? If you're like most people, you probably can't remember. We're all pretty dependent on our smartphones and tablets these days, and they make it possible for us to do everything from planning a class reunion to depositing our paychecks. [...]

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