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Shopping for a home can be loads of fun. As long as you have good walking shoes and a fresh notebook, all those open houses are just beckoning you to come in and take a look. Once you find the house of your dreams, though, it's game on. Things move quickly from there, and it's [...]
Between the blustery winds, freezing temperatures and all that indoor heating, winter can be a tough few months for hair. Your choices: lots of hat head, or switching up your hair care routine to keep a season of bad hair days at bay. If you’re down for option two, follow these three tips to avoid [...]
Let's be clear, when it comes to hosting a great football party there are only two things that really matter—the spread and the game. Here's how to host a pigskin party that will have your guests shouting, "TOUCHDOWN!" First things first: stock up on icy adult beverages, but keep things simple. Just fill a few [...]
If you’ve ever been to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, there’s no doubt that you’ve tasted some of the freshest, most flavorful ingredients. While a trip to Italy or the Greek Islands is an experience in itself, there’s no reason you have to fly halfway around the world to enjoy the delicacies these destinations [...]
Is going analogue the best way to stay organized and boost productivity in the digital age? Despite the saturation of electronic gadgets, it seems pen and paper haven’t gone the way of the dinosaur after all. The bullet journal is the latest DIY trend to sweep the Internet, taking Pinterest and Instagram accounts by storm. [...]
No matter how many square feet of living space you have, it feels like you can always use more storage space. Instead of wondering if you should move to bigger digs, sometimes the best thing to do is get a little creative about where—and how—you stash your stuff. By taking advantage of unused corners and out-of-the-way spots, [...]
Is there anything more festive than a brimming bowl of punch? Once relegated to high school dances, ladies’ retro luncheons and the cobwebbed-corners of Victorian nostalgia—the rum-based punch drink is now making a comeback. Bartenders love punch because they get to show off their mixology skills, creatively combining herbs, bitters, spices and unique blends of [...]

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