Monthly Archives December 2016

Pizza is a great staple to instantly lift your mood and make your tastebuds tingle. Whether you prefer plain cheese, salty ham with sweet pineapple or an untraditional tangy BBQ topping, just one slice can put you at ease. Unfortunately, most traditional pizzas come packed with extra carbs and fat that a healthy-minded individual may [...]
You don't have to be an oenophile to enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of a long day. Even the occasional drinker will end up with an empty wine bottle or two in the kitchen. You could recycle them, but why not re-purpose them to spruce up your interior decor? You can [...]
It’s a great feeling for kids and parents alike when a child comes home with a paper or exam with an “A” on it. However, what happens when your child arrives home crying over an upcoming exam or a mediocre project grade? Tension escalates, stress builds, and parent and child alike become overwhelmed and nervous. [...]
Disaster can happen at any time, often with little to no warning. Whether there’s a looming hurricane, tornado or blizzard, the destruction can leave you cut off from the outside world for days at a time. But thorough disaster preparation can, literally, save lives. In fact, having an emergency plan and a survival supply kit [...]

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