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A community recycling program is a great way to green up your neighborhood and get in the spirit of working together to help the environment. Even if your community already has a recycling program in place, there's always more that can be done to boost participation and make your program more successful. In fact, many [...]
It’s easy to make great no-bake recipes for any season – but the flavors of fall are cozy and comforting, making it the perfect opportunity to indulge in something sweet. Even better, there’s no need to turn on the oven! Perfect for the entertainer who’s always on-the-go, no-bake desserts have a sort of simplicity that [...]
When it comes to financial planning, many of us live on the edge and struggle to make ends meet. Sticking to a monthly budget and staying out of the red can be difficult. Still, it’s best to take a glass half full approach to money and finances. And luckily, technology is here to help. If [...]
When you planned your baby's nursery, you lovingly chose every detail and designed a space that was beautiful and comforting for the newest member of your family. Shopping for all those adorable accoutrements and planning everything down to the last button was a labor of love. But cribs get outgrown, and babies grow up. It's [...]
Goodbye bagels and cream cheese. So long scrambled eggs and toast. There’s a new breakfast of champions on cafe menus and kitchen tables alike. Acai bowls have been called the world’s best healthy breakfast, and the buzz is well-deserved. Bursting with nutrients and popping colors, acai bowls are similar to super-thick smoothies garnished with your [...]
Moving. For some people, the word conjures up images of fresh starts and the proverbial clean slate. But for most of us — people with years’ worth of stuff — the process of moving is usually fraught with tension and anxiety. It's never easy to pack up everything you own into carefully labeled boxes and then [...]
Gallery walls are one of the hottest interior decorating trends of the year. In fact, if you've made a passing glance over Pinterest or Instagram lately, you've probably seen bloggers sharing pictures of professional-looking gallery walls. And now it’s your turn! Whether you're looking to display photos of family and friends, beautiful landscapes or a [...]
Looking for a new way to show your dog or cat that you love them? Sure, your pooch might go crazy for a walk in the park and new catnip can keep kitty busy for hours – but the best way to show your affection is with a freshly baked batch of homemade treats. Not [...]

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