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If you're feeling stressed out by the ins and outs of daily life, a day in nature is just what the doctor ordered. When you take the time to breathe in fresh air, walk in the sunshine and relax among trees and flowers, your body and mind reap the benefits. You'll lower your blood pressure, increase [...]
In 1997, the first point, shoot and share camera was inserted into a cellphone. The concept was created by a man named Philippe Kahn who wanted to share a photo of his newborn daughter with friends and family. Today, the camera on your smartphone is one of the most prominent and valued features. Anyone can [...]
Do you love where you live, but wish that you knew your neighbors a little bit better? Whether you're just moving into a new home or have been on the block for a decade, neighbors come and go — but building bonds with the people next door has always been an important way to improve your quality [...]
It’s time for a road trip! It’s the perfect way to fit in some serious family bonding time while enjoying the scenic views. For a getaway that's sure to please both kids and adults alike, upstate New York has you covered. There's no better time to enjoy the dense foliage and rolling hills of the other part of [...]
Whether you participate in meatless Mondays, eat a vegetarian diet, or are just looking to try something new, tofu is a great and versatile way to add some more protein to your diet. However, if you think tofu is bland and boring, it’s time to reconsider. This soy-based substitute is a healthy and tasty protein [...]
Is there anything better than exploring the great outdoors? Fresh air, scenic vistas, beautiful countryside, the feeling of clearing your mind and getting away from it all – that’s what hiking is about. Hiking is one of the best recreational activities there is. Not only is it affordable –some simple gear is all you need [...]
Here’s a story for you. There was a local landmark in Seattle called the Pike Place gum wall. The wall consisted of over a million wads of gum, and was considered the “germiest place on Earth.” People had been sticking gum on the 54-foot wide wall for over 20 years. The wall was eventually steam-cleaned [...]
It may not always feel like autumn is around the corner, but summer is indeed running out more quickly than we'd like. Slowly but surely, the days are getting shorter and the sun is setting a little earlier. As summer wanes, it's time for the kids to head back to school! Is your family ready [...]

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