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Canada is the world’s second largest country, covering 9,984,670 square miles. For the curious and adventurous traveler, Canada’s huge diversity of landscape means a huge diversity of cultural experiences, from exploring the cobbled, European-like streets of Montreal to gourmet kayaking in the wilds of British Columbia. Canada is a nature lover and sportsman’s dream destination, [...]
One of the most precious parts of childhood is the time spent immersed in a world of imagination. Play time these days can involve a lot of flashing lights and computer screens, but there's still nothing as wonderful as time spent with toys, games and friends really learning to play. And what better place to do [...]
Ditch the treadmill and sneakers – this summer is all about exercising in the pool! With everything from “Ai Chi” and “Poolates,” to aquatic jumping jacks and leg lifts, these water-based workouts provide a unique way to beat the heat while becoming healthy and fit. In fact, according to The Guardian, water provides 12 times [...]
With the sun finally returning for good this spring, the weather is just right for a picnic. Not too hot, not too cold, not too humid. When the perfect afternoon arrives at your doorstep, be ready to take advantage by whisking your loved one off on a romantic picnic for two that's sure to let [...]
One of the joys of summer is watching the world burst into a floral rainbow — and it's even better when you can enjoy the show from your own backyard. A flower garden packed with enough beautiful blooms to decorate the landscape and cut for bouquets is every gardener's dream, and you can make it happen if [...]
Snapping great images is the easy part, but as our Facebook albums and Instagram feeds replace printed photos, it’s easy to forget to actually incorporate them into your décor. These ideas are designed to help you get your favorite photos off of your hard drive, and into a format your whole family can enjoy. Whether [...]
Spiralizers are the hot new trend in healthy cooking. They allow you to turn any reasonably firm fruit or vegetable into delicious noodles that are gluten-free, fat-free, and full of flavor. Check out our pro tips and unique recipes that will have you hitting the farmers market and feeling inspiralized. Top 3 Spiralizers Best Countertop [...]
Spring and summer are high season for weddings, and if you have several to attend between now and September, you might find yourself racking your brain to come up with a unique wedding gift for each one. If wedding showers have already thinned out the gift registries, you'll have to strike out on your own [...]

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