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Senior living options were once limited to moving in with family or finding a room in a nursing home. With a growing and aging Baby Boomer population, the old saying "necessity is the mother of invention" happily rings true. Living options for those 55+ have exploded into a plethora of satisfying, inviting ways to enjoy [...]
Despite claims that the digital world has increased individual feelings of isolation and contributed to society's ills -- from the breakdown of communications to deteriorating social skills -- the ever-expanding array of personal devices and instant information exchange capability has brought about a new era of togetherness for family members and friends who are separated [...]
Is there anything better than coming home after a busy day of school or work to a house that smells delicious and a meal that just needs to be served? This is why everyone should have a slow cooker and a handful of go-to recipes. But don’t stop with just dinner ideas – slow cookers [...]
If your living room doesn’t thrill you anymore, you can make it new and inviting with an inexpensive facelift rather than a major renovation. While new paint is a familiar fix for a dull and dowdy environment, we think you’ll find these 14 “fast fixes" a bit more creative, but just as doable with only a [...]
When it comes to healthy eating, you know full well what you're supposed to do: Cut back on sugar, salt and fat. Increase the fiber. Add fruits and veggies instead of relying on processed foods. That's all much easier said than done when it comes to snack foods, though. When you're hungry in a hurry, [...]
The term "back pain" covers a wide range of problems, but in a nutshell, this type of problem occurs when something in or near your spine malfunctions. It could be a muscle or joint. It could be a vertebra or the padding between the vertebrae, called discs. Or, it could just be something as simple as a [...]
Your home is gorgeous on the inside -- neat, updated, modern -- because you've taken all the right steps to make it that way. All those trips to the local home improvement store and weekend warrior projects have finally paid off. At last, you have the home interior of your dreams. Bring on the overnight [...]
Spring has finally sprung, and after a long winter indoors, it's time to embrace the season and get out to enjoy some sunshine. Whether you're a cyclist, gardener or a weekend warrior of another stripe, early spring is the perfect time to shift gears and get ready to take up all of your old outdoor [...]

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