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If you read our piece about feng shui in the bedroom (and implemented all of our great advice), then it’s surely become a den of harmony and serenity in your home. Well, good news: we’re back with tips for turning your kitchen into a space that will rival your bedroom when it comes to good [...]
There are endless reasons why casseroles are loved by home cooks near and far. They’re simple, they require few dishes (easy clean-up), and they feed a large crowd- or a small one for many, many nights. When life gets hectic and your schedule quickly becomes full of meetings, activities and running here and there, a [...]
What’s not to love about going to the movies on a Friday night? Plenty. Once you shell out big bucks for the gas to get there, the full-priced tickets, the honkin’ huge popcorn, the giant-gulp sodas, and the king-sized candy, you’re left with a measly chunk of change that might be enough to pay for [...]

Whether you’re rocking a bikini or just love fitting effortlessly into your favorite jeans, having 6-pack abs comes with all kinds of perks—and not just for your looks and confidence. Having toned abdominal muscles can improve both your posture and balance, which are essential for optimal health and performance. You […]

At one time or another, we all seek a place of serenity within our home. A place where we can soothe our soul as we recharge our physical and emotional batteries. A location where everyday concerns take a back seat to peaceful contemplation. As a homeowner, the specific room you select to be your "retreat" [...]
Which space in your house speaks most clearly about your style to guests arriving for the first time? It's the foyer. And whether it’s large or small, it’s the space that delivers a whopping first impression. It sets the scene for the rest of the interior, communicating your personality through color, style and often, treasured [...]
Whether you’re looking for a career change or haven’t yet started on your occupational journey, you’ll want to consider one thing for sure: Which area will be in the most demand for years to come? You want a career that will allow for upward mobility, a sense of accomplishment and financial growth. To help you [...]

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