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Lightweight moisturizers and barely-there serums are just what the doctor ordered when the temperatures are close to triple digits. But they’re no match for the rigors of winter. Pair the relentless elements outside with dry air inside, and you’ll see why your summer skincare routine needs a few simple alterations. Dry HandsIn The ShowerUnder Eye [...]
If the idea of braving crowds of ravenous deal-seekers with a belly full of turkey and pie sound downright nightmarish, you’re in luck. Cyber Monday is how the savvy online shopper scores all the savings – straight from the couch. Here are our picks for Cyber Monday’s best deals. So crack those knuckles, keep that [...]
Before we learn how to safely fry a turkey, you may be wondering why fry? In the past few years, deep-fried turkey has become all the rage—and for good reason. Here’s why: It’s super fast. Deep-frying a 12-pound turkey can take as little as half an hour, compared to three or more hours for roasting. [...]
Everyone knows we eat with our eyes first, and the perfect table setting is the visual appetizer to the feast ahead. Fortunately, you can set the stage (or in this case, the table) with Thanksgiving décor that will wow your guests without adding hours of crafting to your turkey day to-do list. Read on for [...]
If you’re a vegetarian, eating turkey is for the birds. So Thanksgiving can get a little tricky since, traditionally, it’s the featured item on the menu—the main dish you wish wasn’t meat, right? But there’s no need to ruffle feathers by requesting that vegetarian selections be included in the spread. Bring them yourself. This way, [...]
Maybe it’s the feel-good spirit of holiday cheer. Or maybe it’s that comfortable sensation you get from too much turkey or eggnog. Whatever the cause, there’s something about the holiday season that makes us want to give selflessly and with abandon—or at least more than usual. It’s one of the greatest things about the holidays, [...]
What is Thanksgiving if not a free ticket to gorge ourselves in the name of tradition? In fact, the average Thanksgiving meal alone racks up an incredible 3,000 calories—and that’s just the sit-down part. Add another 1,500 calories in appetizers and drinks before and after the meal, and you’re looking at 4,500 calories. It’s no [...]
FALLelujah! It’s pumpkin season! During these cool, crisp days, we’re all hopelessly hooked on yummy pumpkin-flavored everything! There are cookies, and lattes, and scones—oh my! So many tempting pumpkin treats out there, yet so few days left before the patch frosts over and we turn our taste buds toward peppermint. Sure, we can make due [...]

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