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planning travel
International travel is a thrilling, eye-opening experience. But before you head to the far corners of the globe, do yourself a favor and make sure you’re prepared – it can make or break your trip. Here are seven items to check off your to-do list before you go. Do a little research If the U.S. [...]
Summer is officially over, so the hot days of relaxing in your cool pool are gone. Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to poolside parties and get to work patching-up leaks and tweaking pH levels for the winter. Luckily, there’s an upside as you mourn the loss of your favorite summer activity. If you winterize [...]
light adds space
You used words like cute and cozy to describe your new home to friends and family before you moved in. Then, box-by-box, you unpacked your whole life and the reality of your charming real estate set in—small spaces can be a big challenge to decorate. There’s so little room for error. Everything counts. So not [...]
mixing desserts
Everyone else has signed-up for sides, so you’ve been told—not asked—to bring a dessert. Clearly, the neighbor-in-charge doesn’t know your aversion to baking. Even simple boxed mixes have turned out badly—like, burnt-to-a-crisp badly. Sure, you could buy a fabulous, sweet cheat from the bakery, but everyone will know. And you want to make a good [...]
Okay, so maybe you recycle practically everything—paper, aluminum, glass, even your old tires and batteries. But do you compost? You may not think of composting as recycling, but it’s actually the most natural way to recycle ever. In composting, nature breaks down organic materials, such as table scraps, weeds and leaves, and “recycles” them into [...]
Hawaii Dolphins
Where do you go to see animals? If you’re like most Americans, you’d probably say the zoo. And why not? It’s a great place to learn about animals. And who wouldn’t want to see polar bears in their natural habitat—a glass-enclosed swimming pool 3,000 miles from the Arctic? All kidding aside, zoos are a lot [...]
home office setting
The interior design and function of a professional office space gets plenty of attention. But what about the home office? If you’re lucky enough to work from home, follow these tips to make your home office space a veritable hub of creativity, organization and productivity. Separate your Spaces Working from home is a definite luxury [...]
playing with your pooch
Americans sure do love their pets, and it shows in the amount of money we spend on them. “Spending on pets has consistently increased, even during the last recession, and is projected to reach $76.6 billion in 2015,” according to Petco’s IPO filing. As a result, many companies are banking on this growing trend in [...]

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