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kids lunch
Your little darlings are back in school, which means you’re back to packing lunches before you bolt off to work. Suddenly, an already pressed-for-time schedule is crushing the good right out of the morning. So pack your lunches at night if you don’t want to set an earlier alarm. And be sure to pack one [...]
quick hair fix
Not every morning lends itself to complicated braids or that messy, I-woke-up-like-this look that actually takes a solid 45 minutes to style. When you can’t hide it all with your favorite trucker hat, try one of these five-minute styles instead. You’ll look perfectly pulled together even on the most harried of mornings. The Triple Twisted [...]
zen bedroom
Is your bedroom more of a dumping ground than a restful retreat? Unfortunately, many of us surround ourselves with energy-zapping electronics and miscellaneous clutter that sucks the serenity right out of the space. Does that sound like you? If so, then it’s time to feng shui your way to a better state of mind and [...]
You have guests over for dinner and suddenly—wham!—someone turns on the overhead light. Before you can say, “Please, no!” your dining room goes from a moody candlelit bistro to an ambiance that’s reminiscent of your middle-school cafeteria. All because your guests couldn’t see their food with the 15 candles you painstakingly placed throughout the room. [...]
grilled watermelon
Grilling is a summer staple, but enough with the burgers and dogs already. Give Bobby Flay a run for his money with these great-on-the-grill options. Pick a fruit, any fruit Something magical happens when grill meets fruit. The natural sugars in the fruit caramelize from all that heat, going a rich golden color and developing [...]
back to school
It’s that dreaded moment: the aftermath of too many sleepovers, movie marathons, lunch at 3:00 in the afternoon and pajamas until noon. Whether it’s summer break or the holidays, vacation is to structure what an overload of sugar is to your child’s diet. When it’s all over, they’re tired and cranky. You’re in for a [...]
sanding wood
There’s something immeasurably sublime about completing a project—the anticipation of the finished product, the sense of pride and accomplishment, the bragging rights. But for some projects—like woodworking—the final steps can be just as important as the long days, weeks or months you spent crafting the perfect piece. Whether you’re creating custom cabinetry or a tiny [...]
ethnic spices
Chicken fingers again? Even your five-year-old is falling asleep in his meal—and it’s not because he missed his nap. Maybe it’s time to mix things up and take a culinary trip around the world—and we’re not talking take-out or Taco Bell. It’s actually simple to whip up ethnic favorites. All it takes is some great [...]

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