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bathroom faucet
Is your current faucet a lovely gold-plated relic circa 1980? Do your in-laws use the word “interesting” to describe the mint green vanity situation in the powder room? Or did your faucet just break and you need another one? Whatever the reason, don’t pay an arm and a leg for a plumber. You just need [...]
Vacation Cruises
Forget the seven seas, and check out truly spectacular cruises on a few oceans closer to home. The oceans bracketing North America offer their own brand of paradise, with Pacific coast cruises that hit cities like Vancouver, San Francisco and San Diego, head south to party in Mexico or go way north to meander along [...]
community recycle bins
Is your community lagging behind in the recycling movement? Do aluminum, glass, paper and plastic still make their ill-fated trip to the landfill? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be asking yourself another one: Why should you care? There are plenty of reasons why you should be recycling. Here are just a [...]
car a/c
These days, the focus on healthy living is greater than ever. So we try to practice good, healthy habits to protect our bodies and our environment. But sometimes hidden health risks can still sneak in to spoil our success if we don’t address them. For example, when was the last time you changed the AC [...]
Home Security App
After ten days in paradise, the last thing anyone wants to come home to is a ransacked house. Instead, add these simple steps to your pre-vacation to-do list to keep your home safe while you’re away. Maintain Your Routine One of the biggest tip-offs that no one’s home is a general lack of activity – [...]
road trip
Forget long lines at the airport or packing two weeks’ worth of luggage in a carryon. If you want to ditch the fees, pat-downs and toddler-sized seats, a road trip is where it’s at. Once thought of as the realm of Americana kitsch, road trips are becoming more popular as air travel has become more [...]
summer block party
Between work, school and the kids’ schedules, finding time to hang with (or even meet) the neighbors can be difficult – if not downright impossible. A quick fix? The perfect summer block party. Here’s how to pull it off in six easy steps. 1. Make it a group thing. Take the pressure off by planning [...]
kitchen cabinets
Do the words reparation and renovation stress you out a little? Do you roll your eyes just thinking about the cost and inconvenience of hiring a contractor for another home project? Who knows, maybe you’ll learn to like those outdated kitchen cabinets, right? Wrong. Do your kitchen a much-needed favor and do it yourself. It’s [...]

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