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Home Theater Set-Up
So you’ve mastered the art of movie theater popcorn (hint: Flavacol and coconut oil), and you have all of the X-Men movies on Blu-ray, not to mention all five Die Hards. All you’re missing is the home theater. But before you go shelling out money for expensive equipment and stadium seating, you should know the [...]
Looking for a reason to justify wearing those comfy yoga pants? How about a surefire way to relax, de-stress and center yourself? If you can’t make time for a ninety-minute yoga class every day (and let’s face it, that’s most of us), you can still enjoy the benefits of regular practice – even if you [...]
Eco Beauty
You ditched the plastic water bottles ages ago, recycle religiously and even adopted vegetarian night twice a week. You’re a regular eco warrior – almost. Next up is the medicine cabinet. But how do you overhaul your beauty routine to keep mama earth happy? Fear not. There are tons of eco-friendly beauty products out there [...]
where to stay on vacation
Do you find the cookie cutter accommodations of big hotel chains comforting? Do you like to know what to expect, night after night after night, with little or no surprises? If so, this not the article for you. On the other hand, if you like your vacations with a dash of adventure and are ready [...]
Grilling Patio
All things considered, the perfect grill changes from one guy to the next. Ribs are your specialty, maybe, but your buddy is a steak man and your dad thinks charcoal is the only way to do it. Everyone is an expert and standing at the local hardware store staring at all the options just makes [...]
A wide-open front door, a swinging gate, even a slipped leash – whatever the circumstances, a missing pet can be cause for instant panic. These days, thankfully, technology is on your side. Here’s what to do to bring your pet home again. Search PartyLocal ResourcesGet OnlinePaper The Neighborhood Once you’ve determined that your furry friend [...]
How Upcycling Can Elevate Your Home Decor
Don’t Just Decorate—Reincarnate! According to Duke University Center for Sustainability & Commerce, the average person generates 4.3 pounds of waste per day. This is 1.6 pounds more than most produced back in 1960.* So where does most of it go? Into landfills, unfortunately. But happily, there are things you can do to reduce your waste. [...]

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