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cool summer salad
Summer is here! And there’s no better place to spend it than inside, in front of a hot oven. Isn’t that everyone’s idea of summer fun? Yeah, right. Summer should be sacred. Every day should be sprinkled with little indulgences and laid-back time with friends and family. That’s why summer gives us farmers’ markets and [...]
Good Art Good Price
Move over, rich heiresses and tech billionaires—there’s a new art collector in town. No, it’s not your neighbor who drives the Bentley or your ex who married that Wall Street guru. It’s you! Don’t look so surprised. You have great taste and an eye for aesthetics. So why shouldn’t you adorn your walls with visuals [...]
No Plan Party
Your friends from college are in town unexpectedly and want to stop over while they’re in the neighborhood. The last time you saw them, you were sporting a bridesmaid’s dress the color of algae while making a fuzzy navel-inspired attempt at the Macarena. In short, it’s been years. You would love to catch up with [...]
Family Volunteering
With selfies, blogs, Facebook pages, and photos and videos that document our every move, it’s kind of ironic that self-awareness—the kind of insight that leads to empathy, self-worth and the ability to see ourselves as part of the bigger picture—seems to be diminishing with each generation. The good news is that there’s a way to [...]
Closet Makeover
No matter how much fabulous clothing, shoes and accessories your closet holds, chances are it’s far from fabulous itself. Luckily, you can take it from a cluttered mess to something equal parts functional and beautiful in a single afternoon. The perfectly curated closet starts here. De-cluttering First things first – the keep it/toss it game. [...]
Mother's Day
Where would we be without our moms? More importantly, who would we be? Each year, we dedicate one special day to celebrate these wonderful women who love us unconditionally and put up with all of our nonsense 365 days a year. It’s a selfless job, for sure. But it shouldn’t be thankless, too. After all, [...]
Spruce up your rental
Renting an apartment or a house has its perks, but the downside of your temporary abode can be the feeling that it’s, well, temporary. Whether you’re renting month-to-month or settling in for the next year, follow these tips (and click the images to shop the look) to cozy up that rental – without sacrificing your [...]
Plants that Purify Indoor Air
In many ways, living in the city is great. You can get a pizza anytime, day or night, or run errands without spending a penny on gas. The downside? The air. And believe it or not, indoor air is usually even more polluted than outdoor air. Luckily, there’s a way to purify your air, and [...]

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