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Backyard Cookout
Spring is finally in the air, coaxing tender, green herbs to emerge from the cool, thawed soil for our picking pleasure. Luckily, favorites like cilantro, dill, mint, and basil are hardy enough to tolerate spring’s fickle weather, yielding the first fresh flavors of the season—a gift from nature worth celebrating, right? So let’s raise a [...]
Cleaning your pantry
If you’re like most of us, your pantry is full of good intentions. Sometimes they’re pious efforts to not throw out perfectly good food—like those take-out fortune cookies you’ve been holding on since the time of Confucius. Other times, they’re valiant attempts at exploring a new and healthy diet—like that pricey bag of artesian grains [...]
These days, summer camp isn’t just rickety bunk beds, s’mores and campfires. The options are as wide as the summer is long. But between the frankly bewildering choices of all-summer-long Camp Winnihaha and bouldering-camp-by-day/home-sweet-home-by-night, how do you know what’s right for your family? Start right here – we’re taking a closer look at today’s day [...]
Urban Gardening
Ahhhh, the beauty of spring! The fragrance of flowers fills the air. Lush greenery softens the landscape. Too bad the only fragrance you smell is from the taco stand down the street. And greenery? Not so much… unless you count the traffic light outside your window. Such is springtime in the city. Or is it? [...]
What has more energy than a 2-year-old hopped up on jellybeans? The sun! It’s one giant ball of free and abundant energy. In fact, the amount of solar energy that hits the earth is about 10,000 times more than we currently consume for our everyday needs. So why wouldn’t we use solar energy? Well, up [...]
For many of us, parting with our money isn’t easy, especially when a sluggish economy shows little sign of reciprocating the generosity. But despite these hard times, your compassion toward others is still stronger than your aversion toward spending, and you’re ready to put your money where your heart is. If you haven’t chosen a [...]

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