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Impending rain in the forecast can definitely dampen your mood. After all, who wants to deal with muddy shoes, soggy picnics, and sloppy sports events? But there’s also a sunny side to these waterlogged days—thriving gardens and lush lawns where the grass is always greener. Our world needs water—and lots of it—to survive, yet it’s [...]
Forget the old notebook and pencil. These days, tracking calories and monitoring your fitness performance has never been easier, thanks to handy apps and “wearable tech” – that’s fancy-talk for the little fitness and activity tracking devices you strap on your wrist or clip to your pocket. And make no mistake, they aren’t all glorified [...]
Nest Thermostat
This year, Old Man Winter puffed out arctic blasts so strong they stretched all the way to the South. So over the last few months, many of us have developed a love/hate relationship with our thermostats. We’ve spent many drafty days checking and rechecking them. Sure, we LOVED to crank up that heat to stay [...]
There’s no doubt about it, swimming does a body good—especially those stiff, lazy muscles that hibernated beneath a blanket all winter.  And the sweet anticipation of the first swim of the season automatically brings a smile to our face—the pool preparation after a long winter, not so much. Sure, there’s some work involved to get [...]
We love to travel. Some of us love to be spontaneous when we travel. We may board a plane with no itinerary and no idea where the next day might take us. On the other hand, some of us are planners at heart and prefer something like an all-inclusive package, where we don’t have to [...]
After months of concrete skies, it’s hard to believe that behind the fortress of gray there’s a hot, blazing sun shining brightly. In the meantime, we’ll take a deep breath and dream of sandier pastures. Spring is right around the corner and summer is just a solstice away so it’s the perfect time for summer [...]
Oh, summer, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways… the smell of freshly cut grass, the birds singing in the morning, the heat on your face. It may feel like a never-ending loop of winter now, but warmer months are just around the corner. And nothing says summer like the smoky aroma [...]

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